MC Dave Strider homestuck rap

Title: Dear Kanaya
Artist: MC Dave Strider
Album: Troll Replies/Disses 101
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hey kanaya
challenged fulfilled

Kanaya - 


I wasn’t taken challenges but welcome
to a reckless lesson of fire starting rebellion
Watch me progress pass your perception
and express the conception you’ll regress in depression

This rabbit hole you’re digging in is getting deeper
Welcome to hip hop, for I’m it’s gate keeper
If I sound harsh its simply procedure
When dealing with you silly candy horned creatures

Slowly, I’ll water down your hemospectrum
And pick you off one by one in every session
But don’t worry, I’ve noticed your complexion
I’ll have holy water ready for your resurrection

Castlevania, I’ll whip you into hypnose
with garlic juice from a water gun till you decompose
Oh, and I know why you like Rose
Cause you can’t handle balls or orbs, from what I’m told.

I’m just making rhyme schemes and ill beat regimes
So your tyranny screams when to smithereens
With oiled up machines knocking out teams
Of troll patrol pins in perfect strikes clean 

Yea, and you went messing Hephaestus
I burn like Mount Doom while destroying your precious
Oh, and you’re no challenger
And when I rhyme I don’t need a chainsaw to start a massacre 

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